How To Restore Connection

When You Feel Chronic Loneliness and Disconnect | taught by Gayane Kulikyan, MA
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Gayane Kulikyan, MA
Gayane Kulikyan, MA
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About the instructor

Gayane Kulikyan, MA supports people who feel disconnected, out of place and rootless and who want to experience meaningful connections and lasting relationships. She supports people in coming home to themselves, as well as in discovering their place in the world.

Gayane is a former refugee who grew up in four parts of the world: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia and the US.  She really knows what it feels like to yearn for true home and she has been on her journey of development for over a decade. Gayane is an avid learner, she is a certified coach and holds a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology. She feels passionate about Global Citizenship and is currently participating in a Pocket Project training, which brought together 150 people from 37 countries in hopes of healing collective trauma and cultivating greater peace and wholeness in the world for generations to come.

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You are an adventurer and you might even call yourself a citizen of the world. You most likely grew up in multiple cultures or countries or you just feel disconnected most of the times. You feel out of place and like you don’t belong anywhere.

You may feel rootless and the connections you have in life don’t seem to touch the depths of who you are. You are good at being self sufficient but you feel tired of doing things all by yourself.

You might be hiding in a cocoon or living life like a chameleon. Often you feel like an outsider, standing behind a glass window and looking out into the world, not quiet able to feel a connection to people.

You feel invisible and misunderstood by your family and friends. You feel a longing in your heart, asking for something more, for a different way of being.

How I Can Help

I believe that you already have an innate capacity for belonging and connection. Yet, due to your past conditioning and life events that shaped you, your ability to relate got stifled. 

Although, I won't be able to focus on your unique situation in an on-line class, you'll get a general overview of what might be preventing you from experiencing connection and belonging. 

Here's how you'll benefit from taking this course:

  • You'll find out three big lessons learned from "The Harvard Study of Adult Development", the longest study devoted to researching happiness 
  • You'll learn about 5 common reasons that prevent people from experiencing connection/belonging and discover which one resonates for you
  • You'll be guided through an experiential practice that will support you in starting to transform your challenges, so you can experience greater connection and intimacy
  • You'll be able to identify your pattern and bring it to consciousness, so you can feel empowered in transforming it
  • You'll receive 3 keys that will help you restore connection wherever you are and whoever you are with
  • You'll experience greater peace and well-being

When a sense of separation and isolation starts to dissolve, you'll feel greater peace and fulfillment in your relationships. And when you'll be able to restore a sense of belonging and connection, you'll feel empowered and your potentials in life will manifest with more ease and joy!  


(from webinar participant)

"I just attended your webinar at the last minute, because it spoke to me. I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the gentle, powerful cradling that you hold us in while we do the exercises. It allows them to go deep and spread wide. Thank you." Sunday, USA

(from private client): "Some friends/acquaintances have commented that they see a change in me, that I am more approachable, less ‘heady". Verena, Switzerland.

Course Contents

1 Video
1 Presentation
1.0 hr